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  1. Tips For Over The Door Storage

    Over the door storage is an extremely versatile but still sometimes unappreciated form of storage. From shoe racks to pantry organization, over the door storage can work in a lot of room of your house to get items of many sizes organized, decluttered, and otherwise tidied up.

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  2. Rearrange Your Decor and Furniture For Guests

    The time of year is approaching where you’re going to find yourself with a lot of houseguests. Maybe they’re here for a few days over the holidays, maybe you just have a few families to feed, maybe your kids are home for the holidays and you’ve already turned their room into a home gym.

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  3. The Great Thanksgiving Pantry Purge!

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and on top of everything else you have to deal with, you might notice you’re running out of room for all those ingredients!

    Boxes of stuffing, cans of cranberry (come on, we can all admit the canned stuff is better), jars and jars of turkey seasoning...sure, it’ll all make for a great Thanksgiving meal when the day comes, but kitchen storage is at a premium this time of year and you’re not sure what to do with it all.

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  4. Organizing Your Countertops For Thanksgiving

    Now that Halloween has come and gone, you’ve probably already caught yourself idly clicking through Pinterest looking for Thanksgiving recipes and ideas.

    And once you inevitably find your perfect unique spin on a Thanksgiving favorite (brussel sprouts casserole? Apple pie salsa? Cranberry ice cream?), talked to your one vegetarian nephew about what he can eat that year, and made your sister and mom agree to bring appetizers, you’ve got your menu all ready to go!

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  5. Five Famous Haunted Houses, And How We'd Organize Them

    With Halloween right around the corner, your odds of seeing (or even visiting) a haunted house tend to go way up, at least when compared to less-spooky holidays like Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July.

    Maybe we’re a little single-minded here at The Shelving Store, but sometimes whenever we see a haunted house in a movie or in a video game or whatever, we can’t help but notice how...cluttered they tend to get.

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