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  1. Five Ways to Increase Productivity When Working From Your Home Office

    Whether it’s due to shoddy weather, a power outage, or leaky office roof, working from home isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

    Of course, telecommuting comes with its own host of problems: the desire to keep snacking, the fact you’re probably in your pajamas the entire time, and above almost all else, that it’s just so hard to stay productive.

    It happens to all of us sometimes, due to the various distractions of home, computer troubles, and the like. While there isn’t much we can do about your need to snack or browse Reddit (we’re just a simple home organization store, after all) we do have a lot of suggestions for organizing your home office and getting things just so in order to make the most of any telecommuting you might have to do.

    Let’s stop hitting the snooze button, head into that home office, and get to work:


    Make yourself comfortable

    We don’t mean by staying in your jammies all day while working (in fact, we’ll get to that in a second), but we do mean you should have a comfortable, accessible workplace. Too many people consider home office furniture to be an afterthought after buying all their living room furniture and bedroom furniture, but in truth it should be an equally high priority if you expect to get any work done - no more threadbare thrift store office chairs for you! Find a comfortable chair and a full-featured home office desk that can comfortably hold everything you need to get work done so you’re not stuck trying to type on a rickety old poker table.

    Once you have a desk, declutter it

    Much like what you may struggle with in the office, home office clutter can seriously cut into your ability to get things done. Clean your desk regularly, toss out any paperwork you no longer need, take everything to the office that can be kept at the office, and use desk organizers to keep your phones, paperwork, tablets, and writing utensils close at hand in case you need them.

    Set up different zones for different work

    A lot of offices these days allow different spaces for different types of work; meeting rooms, collaborative lounges, breakrooms, etc. Try to do the same for your house - if you have to take a phone call, step out of your office so you can focus a little better. If you need to research your competitors or do more creative work, why not go into a room with more sunlight or somewhere more comfortable so you can relax and use your imagination? At the very least, try to break up your office itself into different zones using side tables or office carts so you can step away from your desk when you don’t need the computer.

    Make sure your home network and computer are up for the task

    If you know you’re going to be working from home a lot in your new position, do some quick home IT to make sure your stuff is up to snuff. Test your home network to make sure it can handle the load, make sure your computer can run any needed software, and keep an eye out for potential issues like kids hogging the Wi-Fi or a computer that hasn’t been updated in a year. You’ll thank yourself once you get through an entire workday without a crash or internet outage.

    Get dressed

    We know, we know, but by getting dressed and ready to face the world, you’ll get yourself into a much better mindset for staying productive and getting work done. Get up at the same time as you normally would, take a shower, get some coffee, and get dressed - or at least dressed to the point where you wouldn’t be embarrassed to leave the house. You’d be surprised at how much of an impact it can have on your focus and mindset.

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  2. Five Benefits of Kitchen Islands

    For a lot of houses, the kitchen is the heart of it all.

    Whether your kitchen pulls double-duty as a kitchen and dining room, or if it’s just where you do your meal preparation, the key to making sure your kitchen works to its full potential is to keep it organized and put-together.

    Aside from the usual assortment of shelves and cabinets, an organizational solution more and more people are turning to for their kitchen is a kitchen island. Whether as a portable cart or a permanent fixture in the center of the room, islands have become an increasingly common sight in kitchens all over the place as more people become aware of their usefulness in organizing even the most chaotic of kitchens.

    Are you considering a kitchen island but haven’t been totally convinced? Or are you just curious to see what they could do for your kitchen and your home? Check out these five big benefits of kitchen islands, and see what they can do for you:


    Additional Storage Space

    One of the biggest advantages a kitchen island can give you is more places to put all your stuff, and who doesn’t want that for their kitchen every now and again? Many permanent kitchen islands can be customized with cabinets and drawers below, and a lot of the mobile ones come with additional wire shelves on the bottom as well as racks for dish and utensil storage up top. Whatever it is you need to store, kitchen islands are an easy way to increase the amount of space you have for organization.

    Work Surfaces

    Kitchen islands can also go a long way towards increasing counter space and offering additional workspace to get things done. By adding a solid top, butcher block top, or shelf liners to your kitchen island, you can quickly add more hard surfaces to get cooking done. No longer will you need to cram your cutting board into the corner by the oven to chop vegetables or set down a hot pan—kitchen islands can give you a lot more elbow (and breathing) room!

    Casual Seating

    We’ve all had those times in the kitchen where we couldn’t quite have people at the dining room table but needed somewhere for them to sit, and that’s where kitchen islands come in! By providing a bigger focal point for the room itself, you can easily line up some chairs around it to create a more casual sitting area for anyone that dropped by for a drink, or even if you’re just preparing a quick breakfast.

    Room for Extra Appliances

    We’ve all had that moment where we spotted some fancy new blender or that thing that turns vegetables into pasta noodles (you know what we’re talking about) but you just didn’t have the space for it in your kitchen. Kitchen islands can easily solve that problem by providing more room for appliances without a costly cabinet remodel, not to mention all the new outlets that can be installed on them.


    If you got a mobile kitchen island, the upsides to being able to move it around as needed will be apparent right away. Turn your kitchen cart into a new serving cart for cocktails and drinks during parties, or use it to serve appetizers away from the table while dinner finishes up. Or you can use it while you cook, keeping less-vital supplies and appliances out of the way in case you suddenly need to free up some elbow room while finishing that big new roast.


    Has a kitchen island totally revamped your kitchen and your home? Drop a comment below!

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  3. More Than a Seat: Uses for Bedroom Benches

    Organizing your bedroom can feel like a constant push and pull at times, can’t it?

    You need to make sure you have enough room for your clothes, while also providing the sort of furniture you’d expect from a bedroom (at least a bed, maybe somewhere to sit down) and it can all start to take up a lot of room!

    That’s where bedroom benches come in. Bedroom benches can provide the benefits of comfortable furniture along with some new ways to organize or decorate your bedroom, and in ways you may not have expected.

    Check out a few fun uses for bedroom benches below, and see if you get inspired to bring some new seating into your bedroom:


    Shoe Storage: One of the most obvious benefits of bedroom benches is that it gives you the opportunity to store your shoes somewhere a little more convenient. Many benches come with a shelf underneath to store shoes (or smaller things like purses), and even without an extra shelf these benches are a great way to keep your shoes aside where they can be easily accessed—and out of the way so nobody trips on them).

    Window Seats: A common decorative touch in homes these days is large bay windows inside a bedroom, and bedroom benches offer a great place to sit down and enjoy the view. Line your longer windows with a bedroom bench for a more aesthetically pleasing place to sit down while you get ready for work or change into your pajamas after a long day. And if you have pets, they’ll love the chance to get a better view of the outdoors.

    Landing Strip: Whether it’s in the bedroom itself or right outside, a bedroom bench provides a great ‘landing strip’ for things to end up on at the end of the day. Even if nobody sits on it, leave a bedroom bench close at hand to keep things like wallets, watches, or other items you’ll need to remember in the morning.

    Camouflage: Got an unsightly vent that you want to cover up? Benches are a great way to conceal the less pleasant but still needed parts of a bedroom, like grates or heaters. (Just make sure you’re not causing a fire hazard with your placement!)


    Got any other fun ideas for sprucing up your bedroom with a new bench? Drop a comment below!

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  4. Towel Storage Ideas & Tips

    Towels! Endlessly useful in the bathroom, always a pain to put away.

    Sure, there’s always towel closets, but what about when you’re fresh out of the shower and need to towel off? And where are you supposed to put it when you’re done? And what if your towel closet is running out of room?

    It’ll be okay! All you need is a little bathroom space and some imagination. We’ve collected some of our favorite towel storage ideas here for you to try out in bathrooms of any size:


    Get a second shower rod: When you’re getting out of the shower or bath, a towel is pretty much the first thing you reach for, right? On a lot of showers, a second tension rod can be installed underneath or alongside the shower rod to create a new space to keep a towel right at hand, as soon as you need it.

    Think inside the bath: Inside the shower itself is another great place for towel racks. A lot of bath shelves and racks can be hung up inside the shower itself to hang onto whatever you need (much like a shower caddy) and to keep your towel close by.

    Make your cabinets work harder: Odds are you have a cabinet door or two underneath your sink, and if you’re looking for somewhere to keep your towels when they’re not in use, adding storage to these doors can be just the trick. Get some over the door storage on your cabinet doors (or bathroom closet door, if possible) to hang onto unused towels and free up room on the shelves that bulkier towels can start taking up.

    Set up smaller storage pieces: Bathrooms can start getting a little cramped if you have too many shelving installations, so keeping an eye out for smaller solutions can be just the thing your bathroom needs. Look for smaller shelves that can go in out-of-the-way areas, like shorter racks or over the toilet storage shelves to keep it out of the way and prevent your bathroom from feeling too cramped and unusable.

    Keep it mobile: Another great idea for towel storage is to keep it on a cart that can be moved around wherever you need it to be. By stashing your towels on rolling wire carts or rolling wire storage, you can free up space in your bathroom and roll your towels wherever you need them, whether you’re keeping them right by the shower or rolling them out of the way when you need to get under the sink to find that soap you needed.


    Got another tips for towel storage? Drop a comment below!

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  5. Three Rooms That Need Rust Proof Shelving

    A question that doesn’t get asked often enough when installing new shelving is what should my shelves be made out of?

    In a lot of cases, people think shelving is a one-size-fits-all solution to getting things organized, but that’s not always the case. A lot of different shelves have different uses and different places where they work best, and knowing these differences can be more helpful than you might think.

    One prime example of a shelving type with specific uses is rust proof wire shelving. True to its name, this type of wire shelf is coated with a special epoxy that helps further inhibit rust and prevent corrosion, even in harsh environments that deal in a lot of humidity or moisture.

    Now, we know what you’re probably thinking - “That sounds good, but shouldn’t that be used in a warehouse or refrigerator or something?” You’re not wrong, but a lot of homes are turning to more industrial-styled storage solutions for their durability, ease of use, and unique look, and rust-proof shelves are a perfect example of this.

    Curious to see how much help they can be in your home? Here’s three rooms that could use rust-proof shelving, and what you can store in there:

    Laundry Room

    Think about your laundry room, and everything you have to keep in there. Not just the washer and dryer - there’s half-filled detergent bottles, boxes of fabric softener you’ll never use again, and all kinds of color-safe bleach you need to keep safe and away from the rest of your clothes.

    The storage needs of a laundry room are twofold: you need to be able to safely store cleaning products that don’t need to be spilled all over the place, and the shelves need to be able to withstand the humidity and changing temperatures of a laundry room, particularly one in a basement. By bringing in rust proof shelves you can help reduce the risk of spillage or damage to your shelves (or even your clothes) from bleach or powdered soap getting knocked over, and help withstand the humidity that’s bound to build up in there over time.

    Pantries/Food Storage

    Food storage, especially long-term storage of bigger quantities for all you Costco shoppers out there, is a pretty common concern in most homes. Rust proof shelving (and its sibling, wire shelving) is a common fixture in restaurants and food storage facilities for its ability to resist rust in the temperatures that food often needs to be stored in, as well as preventing the growth of bacteria.

    Even if you’re just storing dry goods at room temperature in a pantry, rust proof wire shelves are a great way to keep your food organized and safe - well, safe from everything except prying hands looking for a snack. Set some of these up in your pantry or basement and help keep your food safer, longer.

    The Garage

    Now, we know garage storage can be an entire story unto itself, but rust proof wire shelves are a great go-to when you have a garage in need of a little fixing up.

    As a lot of the stuff you keep in your garage is probably out there for a reason, it needs to be stored as safely as possible, and rust proof shelving is a good call for that. The coating means it can handle things like cleaning supplies, car paint, motor oil and other chemicals, and even some smaller power tools no problem. Better yet, for everyone without a heated garage (and realistically speaking, that’s most of us) the rust-proof coating can withstand cold & humidity to protect your stuff and prevent you from needing to replace your shelves after a cold winter.

    Got any other ideas about where to use rust proof shelving, or maybe you just want to see what shelves work best for which room? Drop a comment below or contact The Shelving Store today!

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