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  1. Wall Shelving Dos and Don'ts

    It’s a problem we’ve had since some ancient homeowner first had the idea to decorate their house: how can I make my home decorated and pleasing to look at while keeping things organized?

    There’s an awful lot of answers to that question, but one a lot of people commonly turn to is wall shelving! By adding a space on your wall to display pictures, collectibles, books, and the like, it helps to reduce clutter elsewhere and fill up space that might have been left empty otherwise.

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  2. A Chill In The Air: Putting Away Your Summer Wardrobe

    Enjoy those precious few moments of summertime left, because the inevitable is here and fall is right around the corner!

    It’s not all doom-and-gloom, though! There’s plenty to like about fall, like spooky movies and pumpkin flavored everything, but there is one thing it always requires: a wardrobe change.

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  3. Late Summer Organization & Maintenance Projects

    Ah, those bittersweet last few weeks of August. The kids are headed back to school (if they’re not there already), the weather is cooling off, everyone’s vacations are over, and it’s nearly time to get back to the usual daily routine and get ready for fall.

    But before you start getting out the blankets and carving pumpkins, there’s still a few summertime chores you can get done around the house! Take a look at our list of late-summer home organization projects and see what you can squeeze in before Labor Day comes and we all say goodbye to summer:

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  4. Four Quick Back-to-School Dorm Organization Ideas

    It’s the end of August, and that means most of you college students out there have probably already packed up and shipped back off to school!

    Let’s be honest, you probably have some mixed feelings about everything. It was nice coming back home to see everyone (and not have homework for a few months), even if maybe it was a little awkward moving back into your parents’ house, and while it’s exciting to be out on your own you’re going to have to deal with a lot of stuff once you get back to your dorm.

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  5. Reorganize to Increase Your Home's Resale Value

    When it’s time to get ready to move, you may find yourself having some...mixed feelings about the whole thing.

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