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  1. Five (Mostly) Painless Tips For Hanging Shelf Brackets

    When it comes to putting stuff on your walls, sometimes it just sounds like a little more work than it’s worth.

    Some people are content to just use their walls to hang paintings and posters, but there’s a lot of potential up there for shelving, storage, and decoration! You just have to work up the motivation (and maybe the courage) to get a little handy with some shelf brackets.

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  2. Creative Uses for Butcher Blocks

    Butcher block tops are a common sight in kitchens that seems to have one pretty immediate purpose - a cutting board/work surface designed to give you just a little extra room in the kitchen.

    And they do that job admirably! Everyone needs a safe place to chop up vegetables (or whatever) for dinner, and butcher blocks are a durable and stylish way to add the space you need for it. But they don’t have to just be used for that, and in our time we’ve seen plenty of unusual and creative uses for butcher blocks around the house that might just inspire you to try the same:

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  3. Decorating With Wood Shelves

    As the weather turns and you find yourself indoors a little more often, you might start to change your mind about some of the decor in your house.

    Maybe the nautical theme in your living room isn’t quite working anymore now that summer is over, or maybe you’re just looking for something a little more cozy and rustic with the holidays approaching. We think we might have what you need: wood shelves!

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  4. Year-Round Fireplace Mantel Decoration Tips

    If the weather where you are is anything like where it is for us here at The Shelving Store, it’s probably looking a little...bleak and grey outside right now.

    Bad news for any of your outdoorsy types, but it’s great news for anyone who likes to stay cozy indoors, especially if you have a fireplace!

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  5. Off-Season Sports Equipment Storage

    The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter, and even with football back on TV it’s getting to that time where even the most devoted local athletes have to start hanging up their sports gear.

    Unless you’re part of a league (or the sort that plays a sport indoors such as hockey), you’re going to have to find somewhere to start keeping all your off-season sporting goods until the weather calms down and you need it again. Need a little advice or inspiration on where you’re putting it all? We thought you’d never ask:

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