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  • An Organized Pantry Makes for a Happy Wallet

    We’ve all kicked ourselves before: Set on making a recipe, you travel to the store and load up on ingredients. It’s not until rummaging through the pantry weeks later that you realize a lot of them were already purchased (four boxes of pasta, really?) Or, once again, you’ve discovered hidden stale chips and moldy produce.

    With the new year in full swing, it’s time to tackle that unruly pantry. No more money gone down the garbage disposal.

    Determine what you have. Feeling ambitious?  Take inventory of your food by removing items from the cabinets and pantry, and grouping them by category—baking supplies, kid’s snacks, etc. This makes things easier to find and less likely to get lost. Make space by tossing what’s gone bad and catch others that need to be used soon. When reloading shelves, place these near the front. Try challenging yourself to get creative and use up as many as possible. You may be surprised by what you can make with what you already have!

    Make your mark. Keep these categories in check by labeling your pantry’s zones. Continue this cataloging by writing the date you purchased or opened an item—no more guessing if something’s past its prime.

    Level up. When dealing with deep spaces, you may lose sight of unused balsamic and half-full bags of rice. If you can’t see what you have, there’s a good chance you’ll accidently buy it again. Using stacked shelves of varying heights can help make more things visible. 

    Spice up your storage. It’s easy for those small seasoning jars to get lost amongst larger products. Using spice racks or packet baskets showcase what you own, so next time you get a hankering to take on that 20-ingredient chili, a quick check will stop you from accumulating multiple smoked paprikas.

    Clear things up. Take dry goods like sugar and flour out of bulky bags and place in clear airtight containers. Not only will this keep things fresher but also prevent the alarming realization that what you need is almost empty.

    Forget forgotten produce. Don’t drop money on potatoes and tomatoes only to let them rot. Keep items contained and visible in large bins for easy access.

    Can It. Let’s be real: canned goods are a pain in the rear, as they take up room and topple over. Invest in specifically designed racks to keep them reachable and in order.

    Take note. Snag a cheap dry erase board and hang it somewhere discreet, like inside the pantry door. Keep track of items you’ve finished so you can stay on top of what you need. And before going shopping, get into the habit of running through your stock. No more duplicate purchases!

    Rotate your goods. After a grocery trip, put newly bought items behind what’s already there. This way, you’ll use up what you need to first.

    With these tips, you can save space, save trouble and most importantly, save money. 

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