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Triangle Corner Glass Shelf

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These simple yet stylish glass shelves add a sleek finish to your home decor. Use one to showcase your pictures or multiple shelves for your favorite collectables.

Tempered glass is strong and goes with any decor, which makes it perfect for display in your home.

  • Hidden mounting system
  • Holds up to 100lbs per shelf
  • Made with 3/8" thick tempered glass
  • Front center to back corner measures:
    • 8" for the 12" shelf
    • 11" for the 16" shelf
    • 14" for the 20" shelf
    • 16.5" for the 24" shelf
More Information
Manufacturer Blue Gate
Product Type Corner Shelves, Shelving, Wall Shelves
Product use Decor, Display, Gifts
Features Floating, Wall Mounted
Material Glass
Color Transparent
Depth (In.) 16, 20
Width (In.) 16, 20
Height (In.) 0.375
Weight (lbs) 8
In Store Pickup  No
Free Shipping Item  No
Shipping Time  Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Must Ship Freight  No
Ships to Canada  Yes
Glass Corner Shelf Installation Instructions:
To install the shelves you would need a white adhesive caulking, or any color available that is similar to your wall paint. For cosmetic reasons do not use clear caulking
Step 1
Mark the spot where you would like the corner shelf to go. If you are installing a rectangle shelf, be sure to label one wall for the long side of the shelf and the other wall for the short side of the shelf.
Step 2
Use a level and draw two leveled lines at about the same length of the shelf. One at each side of the wall where the shelf is going to be installed.
Step 3
Using the supplied template mark the position of the grooves on the wall. The arrow on the template must point to the corner
Step 4
Use drill to start cutting the grooves followed by using wall-saw. Only cut the area marked. Then, test to fit the shelf into the grooves. Clean all grooves, walls and shelf free of dust.
Step 5
Apply 3/8” bead of adhesive caulking just below the lines, and in the grooves. Install the shelf immediatley before the caulking dries. After installation fill all gaps with more caulking.
Step 6
Push the shelf in place. Then using a sponge clean all exess caulking. Let it dry over night. If necessary you may patch and paint any gaps for better appearance.
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