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Closet Organizers

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Shoe rack with shelf for storage Shoe Rack with Shelf
Our Price: $25.38
FreedomRail 12" Pantry Organizer 12" Pantry Organizer
Our Price: $40.03
Rail 15" Pantry Organizer 15" Pantry Organizer
Our Price: $45.90
9 pair shoe rack for shoe stroage 9 Pair Shoe Rack
Our Price: $23.33
Floor shoe rack, 9 paris Floor Shoe Rack
Our Price: $17.83
Expandable and stackable shoe rack Expandable Shoe Rack
Our Price: $16.20
Stackable Boot Rack Stackable Boot Rack
Our Price: $41.00

2-Tier Stackable Shoe Organizer 2-Tier Shoe Rack
Our Price: $35.00
Organized Living Packet Basket Packet Basket
Our Price: $5.73
Organized Living Simple Basket Simple Basket
Our Price: $7.17
Organized Living Double Shelf - White Double Shelf - White
Our Price: $11.48
Organized Living Adjustable Shelf Adjustable Shelf
Our Price: $11.48
Organized Living Large Double Shelf Large Double Shelf
Our Price: $14.45


Let's face it - your closet is full of an awful lot of stuff, right? And despite all the closet storage you might already have, there's some smaller items that have a real hard time finding a home anywhere. That's where our closet storage bins come in!

Bins give you a perfect place for shoes, accessories, or anything too small that can't be easily stored on the shelves or the hanging rack. Pair these with our compact closet shoe racks and over the door closet storage to easily organize whatever your closet holds, no matter how small or weirdly-shaped it is. (We're not ones to judge whatever you have in there - we just want to make it cleaner!)