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freedomRail Over The Door Storage

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Sometimes it feels like there's just never enough space in that closet or pantry, doesn't it? The shelves are cluttered, the door won't close, and who knows how many of those cans of ravioli are still safe for human consumption, or just where that missing slipper went.

No matter how hopeless your closet might look, there's always hope on the back of your door. Our line of over the door organizers for closets & pantries will help you stay organized and free up space where you need it most. From paper towel holders to shoe racks to condiment and canned good holders and much more, these storage racks will help you stay free of clutter and keep everything in your closet close at hand. Works as a great team with our kitchen pantry organizers in the kitchen, or our closet organizer kits for the bedroom closet.