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Dorm Storage

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Ah, college. A time of personal growth, of planning for the future...of learning how to clean up after yourself. Okay, so maybe that's not the most exciting part, but keeping your dorm room clean doesn't have to be a constant struggle! Get prepared for the coming school year with our wide range of dorm room storage and dorm room furniture. From bookcases and storage cubes for all your school supplies, to desk organizers and charging stations to keep your laptops and phones charged up and ready to go for all that homework we know you're doing on it, right?<

Dorm Room Storage

Keeping a neat and organized dorm can be harder than it looks at first. Thereís not a lot of space to work with in most dorms, which makes it sound like it wonít be a problem at first, until you realize just how hard itís going to be to fit any of your usual storage furniture in there like you have at home.

Our dorm room storage is compact enough to fit in nearly any dorm room, yet helpful enough to organize your books, laptops, even the video games you brought with you to help you unwind.

Dorm Room Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are the perfect option for dorms, because they combine the storage of a bookshelf with the flat surface of a table, allowing them to fulfill a few different needs without taking up a ton of space in your already cramped dorm room. Use storage cubes to keep your textbooks or computer accessories close at hand, while using the flat top surface to show off that picture of your dog back home that you brought with you. (Or, depending on your course load, use that space for even more books!)

Dorm Bookcases

Speaking of books, we know the one thing youíre going to be doing a lot of at college is studying (right?), and even in todayís blended learning environments, physical textbooks and learning materials are going to take up a lot of your available space. Our bookcases are designed to fit in the space allotted in a dorm room, while providing deep enough space to keep even your least-favorite classí textbook close at hand.

Dorm Shelving

Dorms arenít usually known for their, er, flexibility, so you need to take your shelving and storage space where you can get it. The Shelving Store offers coat hooks, chair/sofa shelving, and stand-alone bookshelves to help you add storage to a dorm in areas you might not have the ability to really modify in a way that would help you.

Dorm Room Jewelry Organizers

Even in college, sometimes you just want to look your best. If you've got a lot of jewelry, watches, or accessories to keep handy, our dorm jewelry organizers and jewelry boxes are just the thing! Keep your favorite pieces safe in here, and the next time you finally don't have homework on a Friday and you're planning on hitting the town, you might just get ready a little faster.

Fridge Carts for Dorms

Few people truly appreciate how helpful a mini-fridge can be until they get to college - but even the smallest minifridge can take up more room than you might be expecting. By keeping it on a mini fridge cart or fridge stand, you can open up the space around it for extra storage, and give your snacks and drinks enough space that the next time your parents ask if youíre eating healthy at college, you might not even have to lie to them!