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Locker Accessories

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Metal Locker Accessories

Customize your kids lockers or home lockers with our variety of locker accessories! The perfect match for any metal home locker, these customization items will let your locker look, work, and feel exactly like you want it to.

From writing surfaces and mirrors to help you get ready for the day (or just get your homework done a little quicker), these locker accessories are perfect for kids - and adults - of all ages who need their lockers to work a little harder.

Kids Locker Accessories

If your little ones have lockers that could work a little harder for them, our kidsí locker accessories are just the thing! Our collection of kids locker accessories includes mirrors to help get ready in the morning (or just make sure their lucky hat is on straight), locker storage bins to hold onto pencils, phones, or any other little (and easy to lose) necessities, and even kids-sized whiteboards to help leave notes, keep track of important messages, or just leave a drawing on!

Locker Locks & Security Accessories

The point of a locker is to, well, lock, right? Some lockers need that extra little bit of security, whether you need to keep something safe, or just keep your little sister out of your stuff. We offer combination locks and deadbolt locks, perfect for keeping your stuff safe and organized where you need it. (And just in case your key goes missing, as they tend to do, we offer backup deadbolt keys too!)