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Office Furniture & Organizers

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Home Office Organization & Storage

Whether youíre working from home full time or just need a place to get stuff done when youíre not at work, the right home office design can make all the difference. While we canít help you find a room where the kids and the cats wonít be constantly running in to distract you, we absolutely can help you find the perfect storage furniture you need to keep your home office tidy and productive.

Home Office Organization

Anyone with an office knows how easy it is to accidentally lose some small thing you need to get your job done, whether itís a USB connector for your favorite mouse or just a couple extra pens to sign all that paperwork with. (Yes, people still have to sign paperwork!)

Thatís where we come in! Our home office storage supplies will make sure you never misplace your favorite pen ever again, no matter how much paperwork youíve got in front of you. Our desk organizers can help declutter your desk without losing the tools you need to get through the workday (or just fill out those dang tax forms), no matter how much - or how little - desk space you have to work with.

Office Picture Frames & Office Photo Holders

No matter how much you like your job, it's always nice to be reminded of what you've got back home, right? We've got slim, modern photo frames and holders, perfect for offices of any size, and ready to hold your favorite pictures of your kids, your partner, or even your cat. Easy to mount on the wall, and perfect for your favorite photoshoots or just a few candid snaps, these picture holders can brighten up any office with photos of the good times.

Home Office Storage Furniture

Of course, sometimes the storage problems are a little bigger than just a single desk. Our selection of home office storage furniture includes home office desks of various sizes, file storage for those documents you just canít afford to toss out or lose just yet, and even bookcases for all your reference material (or just if you need to take a break with your favorite novel for a bit - we wonít tell!).

Furniture & Supplies for Working from Home

However long youíll be working from home, whatever you need to do in your home office, The Shelving Store has you covered. Take a look at our home office furniture and find the perfect fit for your office and your job, no matter what you do!