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Storage Bins

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Among the most durable and flexible storage options we offer, these plastic storage bins are perfect to organize nearly every room in the house. From easy-to-lose smaller items to big, bulky goods that don't easily fit anywhere else, our storage bins come in a variety of sizes and colors to organize whatever it is you need to put away safely. Better yet, they're even waterproof and made from heavy-duty plastic so they can withstand the abuse of attics, garages, and basements. Craft supplies? Tools? Kids' toys? Random house bric-a-brac? Whatever you need, our plastic storage bins can handle it.

Akro Stacking

These stackable bins are available in many sizes and depths to easily fit your specific space and needs. Use a bin divider to keep items separate and further improve space within the bin. Clear bin lids will keep items from falling out of the stackable bins while still being able to see what is inside.

Akro Nesting

Akro nesting bins stack inside each other to cut down on the amount of vertical space used. Available in lengths and widths ranging from long to short and wide to narrow, there is sure to be a nesting bin that fits your needs. Stack Akro nesting bins in the closet or garage to further maximize the space.

Akro Stack and Nest

These large stack and nest bins are perfect for storing all those holiday decorations in the basement or garage. Made of a durable, high-density material, they can be stacked on top of each other without crushing the contents within. These Akro stack and nest bins easily stack on top of each other or nest inside each other when empty.