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End Tables & Nightstands

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End Tables

Not quite the size of coffee tables but bigger than sofa tables, the humble end table is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of living room furniture you can find!

A combination of decorative organization and practical storage, the right end table can be just what you need to pull your living room together. Whether you're using it to keep pictures and flower vases, or just need somewhere to set your book and drink while you're relaxing in the front room, these end tables are the perfect finishing touch to your living room storage needs. Pair them with any number of tables for a coordinated look, or be bold and stand out using modern materials like chrome and glass, and get your living room more organized than ever!

Night Stands

One of the most overlooked pieces of bedroom furniture, the humble bedroom nightstand is an integral part of your nightly routine. It holds your phone while it charges, it holds your glasses when you're not using them, and it's probably home to a lot of unused tubes of lip balm.

But even more than that, it can really pull the room together if you coordinate it right! These night stands and side tables are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and materials, from glass and metal, to rustic wood, to contemporary chrome offerings to fit whatever your taste in decor is. Find the right nightstand for your bedroom and get more organized than ever before!