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Garage & Basement Storage

Garage Organization & Basement Storage

Let's start asking the tough questions: when is the last time you really cleaned up your garage or basement? And we don't mean "cleared a path to get to the snow shovels" kind of cleaning, we mean really cleaning. It's probably been a while, right? And when you do try to clean up you probably have a pretty hard time due to lack of tools and supplies.

Worry no more! With our range of garage and basement storage supplies, you can handle even the toughest jobs. The Shelving Store offers a wide range of storage solutions for the most cluttered garages and basements out there, whether you have a spacious finished basement or the more common “Michigan” basement that only seems to exist to store holiday decorations.

Basement Storage & Organizers

We ask a lot out of our basements, and when it comes to getting them organized, we need storage solutions that are as versatile as our basements are. The Shelving Store offers basement storage solutions that can declutter even the most cramped basement, no matter what you keep down there - or how messy you’re worried it is. For the amateur handyman, our basement storage & shelving can help you organize your supplies to make sure you’ve always got the right tool for the job. Sports enthusiasts, hikers, and other outdoorsy-types can use our basement storage to organize their bikes, sports equipment, and anything else that needs a home when you’re not out in the great outdoors.

Anything you need to keep in the basement, for basements of any size - The Shelving Store has the storage you need.

Garage Storage Systems

When it comes to garages, even the roomiest two-car space can find itself pretty overwhelmed by clutter if we’re not careful. For tools, lawn equipment, car stuff, or even just the usual bric-a-brac we keep in our garages, we offer freedomRail Garage Systems that offer a complete garage organization solution, including shelves, baskets, rails, and more. These storage systems are easy to use and even easier to install, even if the idea of “finally putting those shelves up” is a little intimidating.

From bins and shelves to racks and cabinets, The Shelving Store has the basement storage & garage storage you need, at prices you’ll love.