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Garage & Basement Storage

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Akro Economy Bins Akro Economy Bins
Starting at $23.67

Akro Bin Lids Akro Bin Lids - 6pk
Starting at $27.80
Ball Claw wall mounted ball holder Ball Claws
Our Price: $21.99

Ski Rack - Granite Ski Rack - Granite
Our Price: $20.87
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Garage Organization & Basement Storage

Let's start asking the tough questions: when is the last time you really cleaned up your garage or basement? And we don't mean "cleared a path to get to the snow shovels" kind of cleaning, we mean really cleaning. It's probably been a while, right? And when you do try to clean up you probably have a pretty hard time due to lack of tools and supplies.

Worry no more! With our range of garage and basement storage supplies, you can handle even the toughest jobs. Our durable plastic storage bins can protect your goods from the sort of conditions you encounter in a basement or garage, our sports equipment storage can help you get ready for the big game (without fear of someone tripping over a bunch of baseball bats), and the unique and innovative freedomRail system can help you custom-design the perfect storage for your garage that you can't get anywhere else!

Don't put off those big projects any longer - let The Shelving Store get you equipped with the garage & basement storage you need to get organized like never before.