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Rust-Proof Wire Shelving

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Rust Proof Wire Shelving

If you need shelving and storage that can stand up under even the toughest conditions, our rust proof wire shelving is just what you're looking for! Made with the same tough materials and durable construction as our wire shelving but with a special coating to guarantee it against rust, these rust proof shelves are a great fit for anywhere that you need storage that can stand up to the elements!

Set these up in a garden shed, a basement, a garage, or anywhere with inclement weather and less-than-perfect temperatures, and they can stand up to whatever nature throws at them! Perfect for areas prone to snow or flooding, too.

Epoxy Coated Shelves

All of our rust proof wire shelves combine durable chrome with a specially designed Nexelon coating, the same kind used in industrial storage and food storage all over the world. Each component on your shelf is given three layers of coating, as well as antimicrobial agents, to help it withstand any conditions it finds itself under. These coatings can help inhibit or prevent the development of rust to better keep you, your shelves, and your stuff safe!