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Wire Closet Shelving

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Wire Closet Shelving Kits

Everyone's closets need a little help sometimes. If you're starting to run out of room in your closet and the usual organizational methods just aren't helping, maybe you need to think big and expand a little. Our wire closet shelving kits let you assemble and design the perfect shelf and rack setup to keep your clothes safely hung and wrinkle free. Available in a number of configurations with different options for top and bottom shelves, as well as a rack in the middle to increase your available hanger space. Make your closet work a little harder with a lot less headache with our wire closet shelving kits.

Double Hang Closet Systems

With the same durable chrome wire construction as our other closet shelving kits, double hang closet systems offer the benefit of a second tier for hanging clothes and storing your wardrobe. A second hanging rack on the bottom gives you additional space to hang your favorite sweaters, blazers, and dresses, while a dividing shelf in the middle offers storage space for shoes, purses, or anything else you need to keep in your closet. Perfect for anyone who fancies their wardrobe a little on the, well...fancy side.

Complete Closet Shelving Systems

An all-in-one solution for closets that donít offer a lot of storage on their own, our complete closet shelving systems combine wire racks, hanging bars, and shelves for smaller items. Perfect for closets without a rack or shelves, or when you need to upgrade your existing storage options without a lot of part-by-part work.

Mobile Garment Racks

Mobile clothing racks arenít just for dressing rooms and drama clubs anymore! If you need your wardrobe to come with you, or if you have clothes that work in a few different rooms of the house, our mobile garment racks can help you carry your wardrobe wherever you might need it. Hang your favorite pieces on our mobile wardrobes and take them all throughout the house with you!

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