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Wire Shelving Add-On Units

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One of the best benefits of wire shelving is the ability to use add-on shelves to increase your storage capacity without a costly remodel or completely overhauling your shelving. These add on shelves connect to the side of your standard wire shelves to enhance your storage capacity using your existing shelving racks.

Create an L-shaped shelving configuration to take advantage of unused corner space, or lengthen your current shelves to provide extra organization in any room of the house. And don't panic - the additions are easy to install, using S-hooks on one end of the shelf instead of posts so you can snap more wire shelving onto the end. Even better, all of our add-on wire shelves are NSF approved to make them perfect for safe, germ-free storage of things like food or products you don't want to risk getting contaminated!

Add-On Shelving Units

Our add-on wire shelving is designed to expand an existing wire shelving unit to help it wrap around corners, fit in a space better, or just hold more stuff than it used to. This is accomplished by adding a new unit to the side of your existing shelving racks, lengthening them beyond their initial capacity. These shelves work either straight or at a 45į angle to help them fit into cramped workshops or garages. Itís like youíre getting a whole new set of shelves, attached right to your old ones!