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freedomRail Garage Systems

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Is your garage starting to look like a storage shed? Can you no longer fit your car in there among all the hardware, sporting equipment, and gardening supplies? Sounds like you need the help of freedomRail!

A modular garage storage system designed to be mounted to walls and paired with specially-designed garage shelves & cabinets, the freedomRail system is a modern, durable, and customizable garage wall rack and sliding rail system, perfect for meeting the needs of even the messiest garage, basement, or tool shed. Easily-mounted wall brackets and mounting rails give you a perfect place to hang freedomRail accessories like hooks, baskets, and even sports equipment storage, and the durable shelves & cabinets are a great long-term storage solution for bigger things like garden tools, power tools, or anything else that's safest out in the garage.

Free up some space for your car, get your workspace back, and turn your garage into, well, a garage with freedomRail Garage Storage!

Features of Organized Living freedomRail Garages

Organized Living freedomRail Garage Storage Products are some of the most versatile garage storage products on the market. All of the items in the line coordinate with each other to help you create your own custom garage storage solution. All of these products are designed to hold all sorts of odd shaped and often heavy items found in many garages. These products also utilize vertical wall space, to help eliminate clutter on the garage floor, creating room for cars, snowmobiles, boats and more! Discover the features below.

GO Boxes

GO Boxes are one of the most versatile garage storage products on the market. GO Boxes, or Garage Organization Boxes are ideal for any garage, and can store just about anything. Plus, just like the rest of the line, you can configure and reconfigure GO-Boxes to meet your storage needs. The GO-Boxed can be mounted anywhere or can be a stand alone unit on the floor. The GO-Box Shelf Unit, with plenty of drawers and shelves, creates enough space for your tools, automotive supplies, gardening equipment and anything else you may have laying around in your garage. Doors can be added to the shelf and cabinet unit to give the unit a finished look.

Hooks and Racks

The hooks and racks are ideal for any garage in need of a storage makeover. Hooks and Racks easily attach to the Garage Grid, or can be mounted to the walls if you prefer. Hooks and Racks make the most use of the vertical space in your garage. Easily store hoses, yard tools, sporting goods and other heavy items with ease, while getting them off the floor. More floor space in your garage means more room for cars, boats, and other large items. Choose from a plethora of hooks and racks, such as The Big Work Hook, The Big Tool Rack, The Ski Rack, or The Everything Hook to make the most of the wall space in your garage.

The Garage Grid

The Garage Grid is an essential storage device needed to get your garage in tip top shape. The unique Garage Grid easily attached to any garage wall, and is the best way to install any hooks and racks you need. Once installed, the racks and hooks can be easily moved to varied heights along the grid, depending on what you are storing, easily accommodating new items, or changing out tools based on the season.


The baskets provide a great space to store any items found in your garage, such as chemicals, hand tools, small sporting goods, and protective gloves and eye wear. The braskets easily attach on your garage grid, effectively utilizing vertical space to store items. If you are looking to keep harmful or dangerous items away from children, hanging baskets high on the garage grid will help keep such items out of childrens' reach, creating peace of mind for parents.

The Garage Worktop

The work top provides a large durable work surface for your garage. It can be installed with the Granite Brackets, or placed on top GO Boxes. Use the worktop as an area to make small repairs and fixes, or even tackle smaller projects. The Work Top can also be used simply as a solid shelf for every day storage or to get organized while still leaving a space for work to get done.