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Accent Furniture

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The right accent furniture can be the perfect little extra piece any room needs, from the living room to the kitchen and anywhere in-between. But while most people think of accent furniture as purely decorative or space-filling, the right accent furniture can actually increase the storage of a given room and make everything a little more organized and decluttered.

Storage Accent Furniture

Itís not something we think about that often, but thereís actually a lot of stuff we tend to keep in our houses. Even small things like remote controllers, phone chargers, and the occasional magazine can start to clutter up a living room or family room if youíre not careful. But what can be done about all this clutter, you may ask?

Our accent furniture offers clever and convenient storage to help you get even the most cluttered living room under control. From console tables with drawers to full pull-out cabinets, even to slimmed-down end tables and shelves to give you a place to set down your drink and your phone while you click around for your next streaming binge, The Shelving Store has accent furniture to fit any size room, or even any size space, no matter how much organization you need or how much space you have to work with.

Living Room Storage Accent Tables

The right side table can pull any living room together, and The Shelving Store has a number of options perfect for dens, living rooms, and family rooms of any size. Low-profile end tables are the perfect solution for rooms that already have a coffee table but need a little extra table space near the other chairs, and sofa tables can help you add storage space around that gigantic sectional sofa you were so excited to put down in the den.

Whatever storage you need, The Shelving Store has the right accent furniture to help you add a touch of style and convenience to your storage routines.