The Shelving Store Team

Joe "Shelf-EO" Schodowski

Our head honcho, commander in chief, owner and president. Joe is the son of Jack Schodowski who originally founded Shelving, Inc. back in 1960. Along with two of his brothers, Joe runs The Shelving Store in Madison Heights and Shelving, Inc. in Auburn Hills. Joe works at The Shelving Store part of the time and brings in our mascot Oscar who looks after us while he is gone.

Oscar the dog

He is possibly the most crucial part of the entire operation, without Oscar there would be chaos. Oscar makes us smile, takes us for walks, informs us of danger and keeps us active. He makes sure that we never take life too seriously and reminds us that when the going gets tough, give me a cookie!


Our customer service and order management queen. No problem is too big, no shelf is too small. Michele is the one who keeps us in business by making sure all orders are processed, shipped and received correctly and quickly. Even the best stores have mistakes but Michele takes pride in fixing them and making sure you walk away happy and organized.


Sam is our Digital Marketing Manager. She reports on the websites so we can make informed decisions and fixes any site issues quickly and calmly. In Photoshop, she's a wizard like Hermione Granger, and has a really neat standing desk. When Sam isn't here, she's hanging out with her cat Conan or visiting the latest brewery.


Ever wonder how you can click on pretty pictures of shelves you love, click buy and BAM, now it's at your house? Well you can thank her, our Shipping Manager, who works harder than anyone I've seen every day to pack your order and ship it to you quickly and correctly. Mouse is the kind of chick you want to keep around, with a tough as nails work ethic, she makes sure the boys in the warehouse are in check and working hard but always having fun.

Matt and Justin

You know when they are here; just listen for the singing, shouting and laughing. These two along with Mouse keep the warehouse running smooth but never miss an opportunity to have fun. They keep an upbeat mood to make every workday a fun one. An integral part of this company, they always ensure the orders are packaged securely and shipped safely.

If you see anything that needs to be fixed with our site let Sam know and she will get it corrected. Simply send an e-mail to Thanks in advance for your help!