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freedomRail O-Boxes

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O-boxes, or Organizational boxes, are an essential piece in order to make the most of your Organized Living freedomRail storage solution. Each box is easy to assemble, hangs on your uprights, looks great, and comes in many colors! Start by selecting your style below, then choose from regular, double hang or big O-Boxes depending on the amount of storage capacity needed.

O-boxes are easy to assemble, easy to install, and easy to move around. Just like all other freedomRail products, the O-boxes are adjustable and can be moved up and down along the uprights. To install, simply hook the O-box onto the upright just as you would a bracket. Super easy with no tools necessary. They can store clothes, shoes, wine, anything you can thing of. They come in 6 beautiful finishes to fit your personal style.