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freedomRail Closet Systems

Organized Living freedomRail shelving systems are a versatile and modular shelving system that can be used to create closets, pantry storage, garage storage, bookshelves and more. This strong and durable shelving makes great use of storage space in offices, living rooms and anywhere you need to get organized. Usually ships in 3-4 business days. Does not ship to Canada.

The essentials for starting your freedomRail system. The hanging rails are the only part of your whole system that needs to be screwed into the wall. The rail can support 500 lbs for every 40 inches of rail. The rails can be cut so you can make a unit fit in any size closet or space you have. After the rail has been anchored in, the uprights are snapped into place. They hang along the hanging rail and can be moved from left to right if your unit needs to be adjusted. Once you have your uprights where you want them, you can add freedomRail brackets. The brackets fit easily and securely into the uprights, without the use of any tools. There are two types of brackets. One type is for ventilated shelves and the other is for the wood shelves. The brackets can be moved up and down the uprights so you can have a shelf at the very top of your unit one day and move the shelf to the very bottom of your unit the next. The unit is completely adjustable to fit your needs.

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  1. Freedomrail Reveal Shoe Shelf
    Freedomrail Reveal Shoe Shelf
  2. 24
    24" Shoe Fence
  3. Heavy Duty Shelf Locators (Set of 4)
  4. Freedomrail Profile End Cap - White
  5. Freedomrail Profile End Cap - Nickel
  6. Ventilated End Caps Granite Gray
  7. Shelf Screw (8pk)
    Shelf Screw (8pk)
  8. Ventilated Shelf Hook - White
  9. Ventilated Shelf Hook - Nickel
  10. Ventilated Shelf Hook - Granite (4/Bag)
  11. 12
  12. Shelf Locators Clear (Set of 12)
  13. 12
  14. 12
  15. Everything Hook - Granite
  16. 16
  17. Big Everything Hook - Granite
  18. 16
  19. Utility Hook (4/Bag) - White
  20. Utility Hook (4/Bag) - Nickel
  21. Work Hook - Granite
    Work Hook - Granite
  22. Utility Hook - Fourpk in Granite
  23. Single Hook with Lock - White
  24. Single Hook with Lock - Nickel
  25. Big Work Hook - Granite
    Big Work Hook - Granite
  26. Grip Everything Hook - Granite
  27. 18.5

152 items

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